Company Profile


Global Minds Consultancy (GMC) is a Consulting and Development firm with expertise in providing services to diverse educational institutions and the student community. It is a one stop solution for all educational needs of institutes and students. It offers integrated consultancy services and comprehensive training  aimed at helping institutions and students reach the targeted goals.

GMC opens up new vistas for the whole educational community who are the cornerstone of its growth and uniqueness in its operations.  It encourages people to think freely and act in unison for enhancing the strengths of the organization. It adopts a caring ethic and respects individual dignity. It is a forum for equal opportunity to all that promotes the development of skills and competencies in an atmosphere of collegiality.

GMC is demanding too in extracting individual distinction and collective excellence from its associates and members. It valorizes and supports the team spirit and collective decision making.

GMC constantly adds value to its customer’s requirements and expectations by drawing upon cutting edge technology solutions and also by its ability to and experience in identifying business processes. Ethics and corporate governance form the keystone of GMC.